Beasiswa Perancis S2 dan S3 Tahun 2007

Pemerintah Prancis, melalui Kedutaan Prancis di Jakarta, telah menawarkan kembali program beasiswa bagi warga Indonesia yang ingin melanjutkan jenjang studi S2 dan S3 mereka ke Prancis. Beasiswa ini diberikan kepada para pegawai pemerintahan, dosen, maupun bagi mahasiswa (dengan prioritas bagi mereka yang menyangkut program kerjasama antara Prancis dan Indonesia) untuk jenjang :
– S2, dengan durasi maksimal 2 tahun
– S3, dengan durasi maksimal 3 tahun (only on a shared cost basis)
– Post-Doctoral, dengan durasi maksimal 6 bulan (only on a shared cost basis)

Untuk mendapatkan informasi lebih lanjut mengenai persyaratan dan formulir pendaftaran, Anda dapat langsung menghubungi kami atau men-download langsung di :

  1. scholarship brochure
  2. application form of scholarship

Formulir yang sudah dilengkapi, beserta dengan persyaratannya, harus sudah dikirimkan ke alamat yang kami selambat-lambatnya tanggal 30 April 2007.

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements :
• Minimum diploma : bachelor degree / S1.
• Fluent English.
• Less than 35 years old.
• Minimum GPA score of 3 (except for fundamental sciences – 3.5).
• 2 years of working experience (except for fresh graduate students).
• Submit all the documents specified in the application form.

Fields of studies
1. Public administration*
2. Law and political sciences*
3. Engineering (water management, agronomy, civil engineering…)
4. Fundamental sciences (mathematics, physics…)
* Please note that these fields of studies (1.2) require a min. level of French language.

Selection procedure
Step one :
Selection based on the application forms and required documents submitted.
Step two :
Motivation interview (French or English languages only) in Jakarta.

The Embassy of France scholarship covers
• Intensive French language course (11 months in French Cultural Center)
• Airplane tickets
• Tuition fees
• Monthly living allowance
• Insurance

Application deadline
All applications must be sent before Monday 30th April 2007 at the following address :

Ambassade de France en Indonésie
Service de coopération et d’action culturelle
Jalan Panarukan no 35
Menteng – Jakarta 10310

Please note that applications sent via e-mail will not be taken into consideration.

CCF Jakarta
Jl Salemba Raya no 25
Tel. : (021) 310 18 84
Fax : (021) 310 13 17
CCF Bandung
Jl Purnawarman no 32
Tel. : (022) 421 54 30
Fax : (022) 420 78 77

All about preparation of Departure, Life in French, University in French obtainable in and scholarship brochure

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33 Responses to Beasiswa Perancis S2 dan S3 Tahun 2007

  1. m. aziz berkata:

    please u’r information about scholarship programme in 2007 about geology PhD

  2. nana berkata:

    i’m looking for schoolarship for post graduate program, i’m 27 years old.

  3. bayu berkata:

    i,m looking for scholarship for electrical engineering

  4. hadioro simamora berkata:

    I’m looking for S2 scholarship in economic

  5. maria berkata:

    dear sir

    i was graduate from university at 2007 and have a bachelor degree in Agriculture… please sent me information abuot university that has agriculture faculty…. thanks

  6. Dadin Solihin berkata:

    Dear Sir I’m was graduate law faculty 2005th. Have post graduate for law

  7. Dadin Solihin berkata:

    Dear Sir I’m was graduate law faculty 2005th. Have post graduate for law?

  8. Adha berkata:

    I’m government officer and I’m looking for master scholarship in water resources management.
    would you give me information about university in France has water resources management master program?


  9. sri berkata:

    i’d like looking scholarship in abroad

  10. Anna berkata:

    Dear Sir,
    I was graduated from Mathematics, Univ. of Indonesia 2001.
    May I have more information on master scholarship in applied mathematics in Governmental Universities in France ?


  11. sri berkata:

    dear sir,

    I’m lecturer in flores university and looking for S3 scholarship. Would you Please to inform me about the agriculture schoolarship


  12. aty berkata:

    i’am student junior high school,.
    i want looking for s1 scholarship,..
    pleas help me,..



  13. i’m a 23 years old student in yogyakarta state univ majoring france.
    please give me the detail info bout this sholarship program.
    i like language and i would like to learn it deeper from the country which the language’s from
    thank u

    niken djokosuratno

  14. evhy berkata:

    i want to continue my study in france next year.i will get graduated from my university on this field of study is pharmacy and i interest to do research on france in cosmetic question is,can i get the scholarship?when the application is open again?because the due date on 2007 is april.

  15. Maya berkata:


    I’m looking scholarship to france in year 2008, i will get graduate on this last year, i took field of public relations major maybe then i will take humanities. How can i get the scholarship??

    Many Thanks,


  16. ine berkata:

    I’m teacher in senior high school and am looking for france scholarship in year 2008. Please inform me about french scholarship.

    Thank you,

  17. ana berkata:


    im looking for a scholarship in france. but now im still sitting in third years.
    je suis etudiante d’uny, departement du francais
    je suis vraiment interest sur la culture
    merci pour l’info

  18. jane berkata:

    I was graduated from major Communication and Community Development. I would like to have scholarship from France.
    I’m really interested in Frech language, either it’s culture
    J’ai appris le Francais pour 2 ans
    Plese, let me know what major is appropriate to my previous major

  19. m.isnaeni berkata:

    dear sir,
    I’m a civil engineering and I very interest for learn to france in 2008. may I can get many information for scholarship for master of water resources management. now, I working for international water resources consulting engineering in eastern region of indonesia. my contract will be finished end this year. when the application opened again..? I hope you can inform to me my qualification.


  20. Warsito berkata:

    dear sir,
    I’am a government officer and I’m looking for scholarship in Law program. Now, I’am working as a judge for 2 years and really want looking for scholarsip in France.
    would you give me information about french scholarship?


  21. Didik berkata:

    Dear sir or madam,

    I’m 26 years old. I was graduated from water resources engineering. i work at a river basin organization in Indonesia since 2005 . I’m looking for 2008 master degree scholarship related with my job. would you give some information about your next scholarship?

    Best regard,
    Didik A

  22. aries pubalingga berkata:


    je m’appelle aries pubalingga,,je suis etudiant de politique dans l’universite du lampung,,depuis 2003
    maintenant j’ai presque finir..c’est possible en march/juin 2008 j’obtenairai S1 de politique..

    si seulement je veux prendre l’information pour continuer Master en france ,,comment??

    je voudrais si vous m’a donnez cette information…

    merci beaucoup..

  23. indra berkata:

    dear sir,

    I’m 18 years old. I study at university of indonesia majoring international relations. i’d like looking scholarship in France.
    would you give me information about french scholarship?


  24. margaretta berkata:


    im on my last semester now at Christian University of Indonesia and my major is International relations with diplomatic as my concentration. Im working on my memoire and expected to graduate on August this year.
    I am planning to continue my master degree in France, Lyon II (lumiere) university to be exact. And i would like some information about the scholarship. The information on this page is for 2007, what about the 2008 periode?

    ur reply is desperdly needed.

    merci beaucoup.
    j’attend le responde.

  25. Andi O berkata:

    i’m was graduated from telkom school of engineering, i would like looking for schoolarship in france..

    would you give me information about french schoolarships in Telecommunication for Post Graduate ??

  26. Monika Yulianti berkata:

    I’m a graduate student currently studying law at the Pelita Harapan University, Indonesia. I am working on my thesis and will graduate January 2009. I’m seeking for a scholarship for studying law, post-graduate, in France. Can you help me?
    I also would like to know about the language used in the universities. Will the lessons be given in French language? Are there any university in France that uses English as a main language?

    Thank you.

  27. Ajeng berkata:

    I can not access the scholarship brochure and the application form.
    Please help me to access this requirements.
    Thank you.

  28. agus dwi a berkata:

    I’m Goverment offficer in West Aceh Distric and lecturer at Teuku Umar University in Meulaboh, Aceh. After tsunami in west coast area need development program to rebuilding including sanitation, and after tsunami we can met the area changed from nature disaster. This area need the law can protect the area after tsunami. I’ am a granduated of law study at Gadjah Mada University (Sarjana Hukum/S1). i need scolarship about resources exceptialy law (beasiswa s2 hukum lingkungan)

  29. rizma aldillah berkata:

    I’m Government Officer at Departement of Agriculture in Center of Analysist Sosial Economic and Policy Agriculture, Bogor-West Java as researcher.
    In my job, i do a reaserch by self and with team. In my research, i writing anything about sosial economy and policy agriculture in indonesia for one of commodity, like “analysist prediction of supply and demand of soy bean as national and implication towards agribusiness development strategy of soy bean.”
    In my team, PATANAS (Panel Petani Nasional), we do sensus and survey to villages in Indonesia which comodity bassis, as example for this year we do survey to Lampung, South Sulawesi, East, Center n West Java which dominant in dry land commodity.
    From the result, I think that many of farmer in Indonesia still use traditional usage to effort their farming, many of them think too that life no need much money, life no need reaches, as long as they can supply they needs, it’s enough!
    As an advance country, I think French can give our knowledge or something like way to improve our farming, so that I’m very exicited to continue Master Degree at French in majoring of agriculture.
    I hope, u can give me some information which help me to apply as direct to get that schoolarship.
    Thank you for your attention.

  30. Onny dwi puspa berkata:

    I’m 16 years old…
    I’m looking schoolarship at frenc in designer…
    can you give me some information?

  31. azis ikhsanudin berkata:

    i’m lecturer faculty of pharmacy in yogyakarta Indonesia. and my specialist is pharmacy technology ( natural cosmetic and sterile technology ). I’m very excited to continue Master Degree at French in majoring of cosmetic natural. I hope, u can give me some information and help me to apply as direct to get that scholarship. Thank’s

  32. Anton HILMAN berkata:


    Beasiswa Pemerintah Prancis (BGF) kembali ditawarkan kepada masyarakat Indonesia. Pengiriman berkas ppermohonan sampai dengan 31 maret 2010.

    Silahkan hubungi kami di :

    Terima kasih,

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